Sunday, March 31, 2013

I can't make this stuff up! Snapshot Sunday (Day 21)

Okay... this day is supposed to be a day with little words. I am supposed to allow the pictures to do the talking; however, I think it is necessary at times to have captions and some of my Sunday Snapshots NEED a caption:

Yep, let that picture soak in. I know you are probably shocked...Flabbergasted that I would put this up here, but this blog is about me being honest, real, and myself. Are you wondering why I was googling "penis your tips"? Well let me explain... In true Jessica fashion, I decided to wait until the day a paper was due to start writing it. Nope, my paper was NOT about a penis or tips, it was actually about creating a curriculum development schedule. As I was writing my paper, I wanted to look something up on my phone. A friend recently made me download the Google app on my phone and showed me the voice I whip out my phone (no pun intended) to use my cool voice feature. I say "initiatives".... look down and in the search box I see "penis your tips." I truly can't make this stuff up! It made me laugh. It forced me to take a snap shot and send it to friends. It called for me to put it on this blog. You're welcome!

Who's church doesn't have a mariachi band playing on Easter Sunday on the bridge to get to church? If yours didn't, you should check out my church!

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