Monday, April 1, 2013

Why have a name? (Day 22)

With Mondays not having a certain parameter to cover, it really leaves it open to talk about anything as long as I can get it to start with a "M", right? So what shall this Monday be...Marketing Monday? (not sure why this popped in my head) Mommy Monday? (shoot I need a kid) Monster Monday? (they sometimes feel like a monster) More Mondays? (not sure I want more Mondays) I think this week I will settle for Moments Monday. What does that mean? To me, it means those moments that I realize God has placed in a situation purposefully...this might mean I am in a place at just the right MOMENT... this might mean I am reading something at just the right MOMENT... this might mean I am engaged in a conversation at just the right MOMENT... this might mean that I hear PK's (the pastor of my church) message at just the right MOMENT. I didn't truly understand this concept of divine appointments until I gave my life to Christ (and I am still learning) ...until I started growing in my faith... until I started to slow down (which I am still learning to do) and look at all the MOMENTS in my life. Let me share some of my MOMENTS with you:

1. This is a journal entry I wrote last year while I was still in Colombia, South America on my first mission trip. I tried to journal each day about the things I did, so I could always go back and "relive" those MOMENTS. I don't want to say more, just let my thoughts of the day do the talking. (June 27, 2012)

Not on my watch!
On our last day ciudadela, we didn't have as much time because of the rain. Scarleth, my translator, and Juan Carlos, a member of the church we were working with, headed out for the an hour and half we had left before the I am second groups at the church. Juan Carlos took us to a house of a guy he knew growing up. Scarleth got from him before we sat down that he was already a Christian and active with his church. Honestly, I didn't think it was worth our time to sit down and talk, but we went in an sat down. We told him that we were going to share a tool he could use to continue sharing the Word with people. I started with my testimony and he was very receptive and appreciated me telling my story. I then moved into sharing the story of Christ using the cube. He was really into the illustration of the story, and it was probably the most interactive time I had with someone thus far. It made me rethink my initial thoughts of being at the house. I felt as I talked with him more, we were both benefiting from the talk and strengthening our faith. At the end of our talk, I asked him if there was anything we could pray for and he was quick to respond with his family (side note: I noticed throughout the week when this question was asked to the Colombian they were quick to respond with praying for everyone around them and then themselves quite humbling). When someone said to pray for their family because they weren't a Christian, we always asked if they loved close so we could go visit them. In this case, he made it seem like they were far away. So we prayed and started our way out of the house. As Scarleth and I were standing on the street talking and Juan Carlos was talking to the guy, a lady walked by. Scarleth told me that the guy said it was his daughter. We both looked at each other and knew we needed to share the story again. She told us she had some time to talk, so we started the story on the streets in front of her dad's house. Her husband called after her and she told us that she'd be right back. Standing in the street waiting, a couple with a small baby passed by and went to the guy's house. Guess who that was... The other daughter! Talk about divine appointments!!! We were able to go back on the porch , talk, and lead the two sisters and the husband to Christ. As Scarleth was telling them about Yo Soy Seguendo (I am second), I couldn't help think about the first hour we spent talking to the dad and how at first I thought we were spending too much time there, but had we left earlier we would not have passed the sisters. God knows when and where he wants us to be, and I realize (yet again) that He is in charge of where my time is best spent. I look forward to more of God's timing.

2. As I have mentioned, I am currently in two church small groups this semester. While it can be cumbersome, I LOVE it. I am growing my faith. I am growing my relationships with other Christians. I am growing as an individual. It seems in these MOMENTS with these groups or in the reading, I come across things that seem to answer or provide support for the turbulence I am going through in life at the moment... Here are a few that have been perfect for the MOMENT:

3. Really there are so many MOMENTS I can talk about, but I think I will stop with the ones above for now, in order to... reflect on them... be thankful for them... rejoice in knowing God provides these MOMENTS to EVERYONE (believer or non-believer). He provides the MOMENTS....and we should be thankful.

What I have learned about being 28 today? 28 can and does SUCK sometimes; however, I can choose to be thankful for the good and bad MOMENTS. He provides the MOMENTS...and I should be thankful He continues to give me those MOMENTS.

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