Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fitness...or lack there of!

The title of my blog is While I have been focusing on the faith and future, I have been really SUCKING (yes, sucking) at the fitness part. This is me being completely open and honest, because if I don't say it, then I won't be held accountable for my actions (or lack there of). This time a year ago, I was a crazy fitness girl, watching what I was eating and making NO excuses for not going to the gym.... here I am a year later, completely the opposite and things need to change...and FAST! So here is my public accountability... my last straw! Things need to change, things MUST change!!!  I guess I am scared of where I start again....while I want to call my trainer, I feel like he is going to beat his head against the wall since all his hard work is gone! On the other hand, that means more money in his pocket. Now back to this comment on where I start again, I know I need to get myself on a schedule (just need help with the accountability!). I am thinking I will make a Friday post that will me labeled "Fitness Fridays" it will include all of my workouts for the week (both the highs and lows) and will discuss my upcoming week's workout. By making this public, I am hoping it will make it more accountable. For those reading my blog, please feel free to call me out on things and check up on me... that's why I am writing this!

Here we go!!!

Time of Thanks

It has been a little over a month since I made my decision to go on the mission trip to Colombia, and, boy, has it been quite an adventure thus far! The times of highs and lows of preparation for this trip has come into my life. With that said, I have some people to thank!

First, I want to thank my mission trip team...They have been completely WONDERFUL and welcoming to me. In the short amount of time, I feel I have met some incredible people of God who I have so much to learn from...just as I think they will learn some things from me. I am thankful for the relationships we have started to build, and look forward to where they will lead.

Now I would like to thank those who have supported me thus far with my mission trip (financially):
Jamie- Wow! What can I say!?! Our friendship has been quite a great one, and I look forward to it continuing. I knew I could always count on you for things I believe in and want to do in my life, just as I support you. Thank you for being my first 10%

Jason and Kim- Just wanted to thank you for supporting my Sandals vacation! Hahaha... really, you guys have always been my cheerleaders when I have made big decisions in my life, and I can't be more appreciative for all the support!

Lynn- Our friendship has been short, but I am so happy that we have been able to become friends. From the Hunger Games to church dinner dates, I look forward to seeing us grow as friends and in our relationship with God.

Kelly- Oh Kelly, while I tease you about getting a flat tire when you brag about short drives...I do feel lucky to have a friend like you who understands the struggles in my life right now, but can quickly make me laugh. Thanks for being there when I need someone to talk to!

Alaina and Jennifer Y.- Oh my Bunco Buddies... I have enjoyed taking yall's Bunco! You are always a loads of laughs and I am thankful to have a group of friends like the Desperate Housewives of Grayson...maybe one day I will join the Housewives part of the group...until then I will remain the young, single friend!

Aimee (and Josh), Deanna, and Lizzie- You ladies have seen me at some of my highest moments in my life, and some of my lowest, but you all have always been there! Thank you for continuing to support me in all of my endeavors! Alpha love!

Midtown Mike (as you are best known)- We have been friends on-and-off since I moved to Georgia and what a roller coaster it has been. While you joke about my church involvement, I know you still appreciate what I believe in...thanks!

Margaret- Thanks for helping me on my journey with my faith through small group. Not only have I continued to build my faith, but have gained some great friends and opportunities through this time!

Ridgway- While we have an interesting relationship, I am thankful for our time together. You always were patient and believed in whatever I wanted to do! Thanks for your continuous support!

Mr. and Mrs. Abney- You guys have been like another set of parents growing up, always supporting and encouraging me in all my dreams...thanks for always being there!

Derick- You have been a great friend over the last couple of years, and I am thankful for a friend that believes in my dreams in life!

Tre and Karla- What a great family we have!?! It has been great having the extended family like we do, and I am thankful for the support we all give each other! Thanks!

Jonathan Ingle- My brother from another mother...thanks for being a great friend and supporting me!

While these are only the people who have supported me financially, I know many more are supporting me through prayers, which is just as beneficial. I ask that everyone continue praying for my mission trip team as we continue to prepare for the trip!



... I told myself I was going to be good about blogging, and lately I have been terrible. I need to get my mind right and my priorities (not that this is a crazy priority, but it needs to be done) straight! So here I am with trying to get back in the swing of things!