Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wonders of Wednesday (Day 24)

Okay... Today isn't about my wondering, but the wondering of my students. Hinges you should know... I truly believe question asking is key for student success. I'm constantly asking my students questions to get them thinking, which turns to them asking me a lot of wondering questions. Today, was no different. We were discussing current electricity and these are some of the wonderings my kiddos had:
- Why do people not let go of something if they are getting electrocuted?
- What would happen if I through a circuit in water?
- My dad messed with some of the wires in our fuse box. Do you think it's safe?
- What happens if you aren't close to a power station?
- I was watching this YouTube video of this guy wrapped in aluminum foil and holding these metal poles in a pool. He got the lightning to strike the pole. He went to touch a friend and it made him burst. (I quickly jumped in the conversation to end it, but he finished with the following statement.) Not like blown up, but shocked him really bad.
- Why does your phone stop working of you drop it in water?

These are just a few, but like I've said before I wish I had someone there to record my thoughts... And the thoughts of my kiddos. They truly have a wondering mind and I'm glad I foster their thinking by allowing them to ask questions.

What I've learned about being 28? Listening to the minds of kids is quite rejuvenating to this aging mind!

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