Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tipful Tuesday...and it doesn't have to be for Tanzania! (Day 23)

Okay, I promised I would give you the info on what you should wear on an airplane. When we had our safety meeting at the church, an air marshall came to speak about all the "need to knows" about traveling. This ranged from the flight to hotel safety to getting kidnapped. Yes, I thought I was afraid of African animals until he spoke NOW I am worried about the flight. He spoke on airplane crashes and how many times people survive the crash, BUT die trying to get out... want to know why?!?!?!


Confused!?!? Let me explain. He stated that most people actually survive the initial crash, but are not able to get out of the plane, because as the plane crashes the passengers' arms go flying around and often hit the seat in front of them.... causing the person to break their wrist/hand...causing the person not to be able to undo their seat belt... causing the person to burn... causing the person to die. Pleasant, I know! There's a proper way to sit on the airplane. I tried to Google to see if I could find a picture (if you read my post from Sunday, I didn't use the voice feature) and I couldn't find one, so if you are really interested....let me know.

Are you wondering why this has anything to do with what I have to wear on the trip? Well, if you were fortunate to survive the initial crash of the plane... survive your hands not being crushed in order to open your seat belt....then you are ready to get out of the plane. YAY! However, we were told that if you happened to go comfy on the plane...say wearing something like this

You now have to worry about burning to death... Pleasant, I know. He said that many people wear the running suits, which are made out of nylon...which burns easily (think about what you do to the end of a rope when it's frayed). You're welcome for that visual! Now you shouldn't just stress over just what you are wearing in regards to clothes, you should fret over what you put on your feet. He said that many times people wear flip flops, which are comfortable, but when an accident occurs people who are wearing flip flops have to walk through the fires...causing burns...which often results in... DEATH! 

Well, isn't this just a pleasant post!?!?! And just think, I didn't even tell you ALL the things that were shared with us. Hahaha. Really, it was an interesting meeting. Lots of information came out. Lots to think about as I prepare for this trip.

What I learned about being 28 today? That in order to get to 29 I may not want to wear a jogging suit and flip flops on my 17 hour flight...and 2 days of travel through Africa. Maybe I should invest in a NASCAR driver's suit. I hear they are flame retardant and could save me in a fire!

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