Thursday, July 11, 2013

High Five, Boo! (Day 77)

**This post is taken directly from my journal, which it means it's what was going as I was in country. I am going to do my best to not add or delete, as I want it to be exactly like it was when I was there. For the most part, I wrote at night before bed. Some days there's lots of stuff...some days it's just lists. Either way, it's what I experienced**


This morning I woke up and felt much better than yesterday. We had breakfast and did a little debriefing before we broke out into small groups for church service. Adam, Lauren, ad I went to Pastor Zachariah's church. It was filled with lots of children and very little adults. We were asked to do the children's ministry on the spot, and I quickly volunteered Lauren...and she did GREAT! Adam was up next, but he knew he would be preaching this morning because he was warned before we went. Adam was AWESOME! Thank you God for allowing our paths to cross; he truly is a man of Christ! When church was over, we were all outside talking and standing around. Lauren and I wished we knew game to play with the kids. There was one little girl who was following me and smiling at me; I am pretty sure she was a ninja! I'd turn around and she was there! She was also my in for playing with the other kids. I saw one kid drawing pictures in the dirt, so I went over and started drawing too. This, of course, attracted more kids to come over. I played a high five and chase game with the kids. They are quite intrigued by seeing a white person, and many were scared to even touch me. Nonetheless, it was fun playing with them. I can't wait until we have more translators, so we can talk to more people (and kids).

After church we came back to the hotel for lunch and to talk about the day. Lunch choice... chicken, beef, or fish with either rice or fries (this became a quick staple of the week's food choices).

Later we watched Lauren and Robyn present on medical/hygiene issues. By far the funniest part was Robyn showing them how to floss!

We came back to the hotel for dinner (same choices) and had a debrief about tomorrow would bring.

What I learned about being 28 today: You don't have to speak the same language to act like a kid!

**Pictures and videos to come!**

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